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Career search. It’s an unsettling phrase, isn’t it? Enough to send shivers up your spine – as well as other parts of your anatomy. Perhaps you sought a change in position. Or maybe the situation was forced upon you. Regardless – here you are facing an uncertain reality. Square on.

And have no illusions – your search won't be easy. Doing battle with Godzilla never is. What to look for? How to search? And where? Moreover, competition in the marketplace is fierce, especially given prevailing economic conditions. I’ve had my Ph.D. for 25+ years – and I’ve never experienced a more difficult search environment. Never.

Making matters worse – candidates are typically ill prepared for the rigors of the search process.

John isn’t diversified, insisting that he’s going to remain in his chosen industry no matter what. Mary just finished writing her resume – but the document lacks content and the necessary "pop and sizzle" to stand out from the competition. George spends dozens (hundreds?) of hours fixated on the Internet – competing against 136 other candidates for positions that are 2 or 3 steps below where he's qualified to be. And let’s not forget Linda – and her poor interviewing skills.

Is it any wonder why most candidates become frustrated and disappointed during their searches? Why most are unsuccessful?

Mind you – candidates don't “fail” because they lack the skills necessary to perform in the positions they seek. No – most are eminently qualified. Rather, success remains elusive because candidates don’t possess the skills required to engage in an effective search. Before I explain – a word of caution.


Cautionary Note:

I know most of you are in the midst of a career search. Because of that, let me offer an advisory comment about the search industry. Candidly, the field isn't the panacea many people claim it to be.

Not unlike other industries, the search industry is populated by some rather unsavory, dishonest characters – charlatans who are more interested in your credit card and checkbook than they are in actually helping you. Indeed, the print and visual media are forever reporting their rip-off operations.

Exercise care with companies who claim to have all the answers – supported by trumped up and fraudulent data. Be wary of firms who guarantee success. Nothing can be further from the truth. Fool's gold. And above all else – be especially suspicious of companies who insist they can readily penetrate the "private market." That's the biggest scam of all. Few people have a Rolodex like Phil Knight of Nike or Bill Gates of Microsoft. Of course, the private market can be penetrated – but doing so requires hard work, patience, and some good old fashion luck. Mass-producing resumes and blasting them to hundreds or thousands of companies borders on madness. Alluring and seductive, yes. Effective, no.

Again, resist temptation when it comes to "career magicians" and their supposedly powerful capes and wands. There is no secret potion. No magic dust when it comes to landing suitable positions. None. The process is seldom quick and it's never easy. Never. But it is doable if you're willing to invest the time and put forth the required effort. Oh – and let's not forget the value of working with an experienced career professional. (Hint!) Let me know if I can assist.

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