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Now's the time to offer references – you know, eye-popping, amazing quotes that validate effectiveness and demonstrate credibility. Words that instill confidence, such as:

"I've worked with over 500 clients and all were successful during the search process." "My clients land positions within 2 months." "I guarantee my resumes will quickly produce interviews (4 weeks) – promise." "I have contacts in dozens of industries and am friends with hiring managers and recruiters at several companies in your location." "I utilize a $6M dollar technology platform that provides my clients with the most sophisticated tools in the marketplace."

"Blah, blah, blah, blah."

Great "stuff" – if only it was true. Such quotes don't validate effectiveness or demonstrate credibility. And they absolutely shouldn't instill confidence. Quite the contrary. The point is this: Don't suspend your critical thinking skills and believe far-fetched, unsubstantiated information. Keep in mind the cautionary note I offered on the homepage of this website and you won't be easily taken by those who want to take you.

As for me – I've worked with hundreds of clients over my career and, without exception, advanced their candidacies in a timely manner. Beyond that, I produce spectacular marketing documents (including material just as powerful as resumes) that favorably differentiate my clients from the competition. Importantly, I also possess a deep understanding of the networking process and how to penetrate the so-called private market. And while I don't own a multi-million dollar technology system – I've functioned as an effective career coach for 25+ years and proudly maintain a stellar, spotless reputation. I'll put my record of accomplishment up against anyone's quotes. Anytime, without hesitation.

Let me introduce you to some of my many references:

"During a recent career search for another senior level executive management position, I had the opportunity to work with Robert and utilize his services as well as benefit from his experience as a career coach. Robert is a professional and compassionate individual who provides an invaluable service to anyone who has found themselves in the job market unexpectedly, trying to replace a significant income in a competitive and contracted employment environment. He takes a personal interest in the success of your search, offers many affordable options, and I would say was instrumental in helping me keep my job search moving forward, as well as helping me to successfully present myself with points of differentiation as a candidate to secure a new, and fulfilling executive position. I can, without reservation, fully recommend Robert to anyone looking to change employment, or secure a new position due to a job loss. He's a wonderful man to work with, as well as a very effective career coach. Robert is a powerful source of reassurance during a time that can be a very stressful in your professional life."

Greg Winokur

"I first worked with Robert when for the first time in my life, I actually had to look for a job. Through that process, I realized that while I may have been successful in business over the years, I had not managed my professional career very well. With Robert's help, I not only found a new job quickly, but at the same time was able to evaluate what is most important to me and my family, set professional, academic and personal goals, and establish strategies for achieving them. Over the years, I have continued to strengthen my relationship with Robert, who I now consider a friend and mentor. Day to day professional and family life leaves little time for self-reflection. Regular meetings with Robert provide me with an opportunity to discuss and get advice about opportunities and challenges at work, while helping me stay focused on my long term goals. I highly recommend Robert's career coaching services to any busy professional."

Tomas Oliva

"I worked very closely with Robert for several years. What impressed me the most were not his solid listening and communication skills, rather his ability to take what he heard and provide true and sound business guidance. His steady involvement facilitated my new career direction and his ongoing ear a voice of reason. I can comfortably recommend Robert as a dedicated and dynamic business professional."

Bruce Margetich

“Dr. Ridel unlocks the mystery behind finding and landing senior level positions. He helped me identify suitable career options, create powerful marketing documents, pursue targeted positions, and effectively interview for them. I especially liked Robert’s candid approach, especially when it came to identifying strengths and weaknesses. He told me what I needed to know, not what I wanted to know. Most important, what Robert does really works. He helped dozens of my colleagues and students with an amazing success rate. All were extremely satisfied. Robert has more integrity than anyone I’ve met in his business – and I highly recommend his services.”

Tim Mantz

"I met Robert nearly four years ago on the phone. At the time I thought that I had little need for his services, however, I was very impressed with our conversation. About eighteen months later I called Robert after the company I worked for was purchased and my position eliminated. He offered to help me in my job search. Robert’s insight, tools, and coaching help me land a job in a few short months, long ahead of my schedule. Since that time Robert has been a friend and mentor. I have grown to trust and admire him in many ways, not the least of which is the role he plays as an executive coach. Robert helps me professionally and personally, and the modest fee I paid to him has been repaid many times over. I have a great respect for Robert, and realize in retrospect that I was in desperate need of his help during our first phone call four years ago. I plan to maintain our relationship for many years to come."

Phil Elliott

“A successful career professional is worth his weight in gold! Considering the price of gold…priceless. After becoming downsized, I recognized that the most effective way of reaching my goal is to call-in some professional help. Robert has well-developed and well-defined consulting methodologies. Not only did I want someone with good credentials, I wanted someone with whom I feel a sense of compatibility and trust. Robert provided me with great mentoring advice, more contact solutions, and less bureaucracy. He has developed brilliant marketing documents which highlighted my transferable skills. Robert gave me the confidence to develop a network of contacts, prepared me for interviews and informational meetings. Robert does not promise a quick fix, a resume that gets speedy results, or other come-ons. We evaluated where I am, where I want to be, and are applying the strategies to succeed.”

Sylvia Gruber

"The year was 2007. I had recently finished a business degree and was earning a good income in a growing industry. Not much to complain about… Still, I had this nagging feeling that I could be doing something else -- something more worthwhile (?)… After some time struggling on my own, I knew I needed help if I was to get the clarity I sought. That’s when I contacted Dr. Ridel -- and I’m truly grateful I did. The first thing I noticed when working with Dr. Ridel is that when your time with him begins, the gloves come off. Dr. Ridel knew how to guide the conversation toward “that spot on the horizon.” Through focused conversations I was encouraged to think BIG and to follow through with practical steps toward the end goal. Soon I was gathering information and was out in the community talking with leaders in my areas of interest. And when things got tough or I had doubts, Dr. Ridel was there to talk it through. No fancy tests. No gimmicks. Just solid advice from a true professional. Dr. Ridel really does take an active interest in his client’s success, and I enthusiastically recommend his services to anyone looking to take that next step. And as for that “nagging feeling” I was mentioned earlier? Gone."

Frank Goulart

“I would highly recommend Robert for his expertise, guidance, and dedication to identifying the most effective job search strategies. Robert helps assess career goals based on the individuals' interests, skills, and professional goals. He is an expert in his field and understands the challenges in the job market, provides valuable insights to increase marketability for a successful job search, and helps create a competitive edge for each individual. Robert is truly dedicated to helping each individual maximize time, energy, and investment in managing our careers. He brings a high level of integrity and is truly genuine in all aspects of his work. Without hesitation or reservation, I would encourage you to contact Robert to help you reach your potential in your career or job search.”

Lee Chiu 

“I am pleased to provide this recommendation for Dr. Ridel. Robert wrote my resume when my role was eliminated after 15 years with a company. Robert's process was ideal. His discovery was so sound that he was able to articulate skill sets I never knew I had. Robert provided me more than just a resume. He also created a sophisticated communication stream for me to use to market myself. In addition, Robert effectively coached me to prepare for interviews. He stayed fully engaged throughout the process. I was asked to choose three attributes that best describe Robert. I chose "Great Results" because the process was comprehensive and professional. I chose "Good Value" because I had just been laid off from a six figure role and was beside myself. Upon reflection, Robert should have charged more! I also chose "High Integrity" because he did everything he said he would and then some. Integrity is Robert’s main stay. I wish I wasn't limited to just 3 attributes because every other attribute, "Personable," "Expert," "On-Time," and "Creative" are also high impact attributes for Robert. This recommendation comes with the highest degree of endorsement. If you need a resume and support/direction to help you through today's tough job market and economy, start here.. you'll be glad you did.”

Kathy Anton-Galietti

“Robert was instrumental in helping me reformulate my many years of in-house expertise into the foundations of a consulting practice. He guided me through a number of thorny thickets, ultimately rendering me in a position to articulate my value, and achieve some great successes. What differentiated him from others in his line of work was his common-sense approach that was not wed to any particular methodological school, but was attuned to the individual. He uncovered potentials hidden within by getting to know me, and then playing back what he heard in innovative and useful ways.”

David Zager